Directed by Jason Bognacki + Music by Loma Lynda

Loma Lynda : Episode II from Jason Bognacki on Vimeo.

"The Frontier section of the festival has always been a place for innovation. With their modern-day twist on the orchestral accompaniment to a film,performance artists loma lynda embody just that concept.

Fusing indie rock and cinema, they perform a live set that is the soundtrackto their interpretive film, an intertwining collage of imagery and musicallandscapes. Please come witness the aural and visual stimulation thatis the Loma Lynda experience.

Taking place in the 1960s and '70s, the experimental film,comprised mostly of archival footage, loosely details the story oftwo girls terrorized by a killer. There areelements of birth and death,abduction and paranoia, sex and marriage, consumerism and religion.With sparse running dialogue and subtitles,the story vaguely unfolds,providing hypnotic visuals to the musical score. The evocative lyricsroll over you like a warm breeze on a cool night, transportingyour mind with graceful force into the action onscreen.

Equally haunting and beautiful, both the film and the music would stand up on their own; together theycreate a unique, emotionally intense fusion of sight and sound."

~ Trevor Groth Sundance Festival Director