"The Red Door is a blood-drenched psychological mystery through the distorted gaze of Lynda and her fantasy self, Loma, heroines who both try to redeem Lynda from a tragic past. The Red Door is a modern novella – not quite a short story and not quite a novel, but definitely a modern Giallo story*."

Directed by Jason Bognacki + Music by Loma Lynda

"Jason Bognacki's The Red Door (2008)... the most horrifying thingI've seen committed to film in a long, long time......Immensely stylish....Unrelenting, astounding....- Loma Lynda: The Red Door alone
is worth the price of the DVD." DVDTALK.com (Review)

"A sensational visual style; beautiful floating camerawork...a mesmerizing cinematic experience that swayed
like a sensual dream gone awry..." Horrorphile.net (Review)

The Red Door..."Part David Lynch psychological mind trip and part Dario Argento blood drenched giallo!"... Indie Film Chat (Review)


The Red Door- La Porte Rouge "Lynda" from Jason Bognacki on Vimeo.